Drupal shoes V2.0

Since my were a bit worn out (normal after wearing them for a year non-stop). I started designing a new pair: another model, a different accent color.

This time I chose the model as my starting point. Choosing another model also resulted in a different way of adding my custom “ID”. If you remember the previous version of my shoes, I had only three characters per heel, so I did split drupal into DRU (left shoe) and PAL (right shoe). This time I had 6 characters per heel. So in theory I was able to put drupal on each heel. But then I thought I had to be more creative. I ended up with DRUPAL (left shoe) and 3527 (right shoe). For those not too familiar with drupal, the number on my right shoe refers to my on . Finally my design efforts resulted in these flash rendered pictures.


After ordering I received an email to confirm, and to tell me the shoes were going to be build (This was February 16th, 2012):

“We´ve started building your customised design. We´ll let you know when your order has been completed and shipped.”

On Monday March 5th, 2012 the shoes were ready and shipping to my address:

“Thank you for ordering from NikeStore.com.  Your order has been shipped with the items that were available today.”

It only took a week to ship them from China, over Hong-Kong, Dubai & Koeln to Leuven. I received the package on Friday March 9th, 2012. 

And now the most important part, how do they look in real life? I’m happy with the result, judge for yourself:

In true open source style, I hereby provide the link to this design, if others wish to order them, or start customizing with my design as a starting point:  I guess the colors make it the ideal drupal shoes for the at 😉

Have fun!


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