Why Drupal is more secure than any other CMS

You can find many comparisons between popular CMS systems on the internet. Whenever Drupal is mentioned in them, it is always described with words like: safe, open, regularly updated. Today I’m going to explain why it has such an opinion. I will also present evidence that the level of security claimed by the Drupal community is not just empty words.

How can DevOps-as-a-Service benefit your business?

Today we will discuss what benefits can DevOps-as-a-Service bring to your business. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of DevOps services for business. DevOps methodology can help highly increase the efficiency of the software development process. As a business founder, you surely want to deliver software, products or services for end-users as fast as […]

Top Drupal e-commerce distributions to quickly create an online store

Your future awesome e-commerce website may be closer than you imagined. Drupal makes site creation quick and easy thanks to distributions. Ready distributions in the sphere of commerce are among the numerous reasons why Drupal is the best solution for e-commerce websites. They allow to quickly create an online store and spend much less on it.